54 Indie videogames collaborate to make a poker deck


VGPC is a fully customized deck with awesome video games licensed art. And it's exclusive for Kickstarter backers!

This will be an EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER LIMITED EDITION DECK and will not be reprinted anymore. Ever.

The kickstarter will begin on Wednesday 24th 6:00PM UTC

With a lot of “Well known games” and “Little Gems”, VGPC will showcase a collection of cards from Indie Videogames, especially manufactured for collectors.

For more information check the official website or twitter account.

This could not be possible without the help of this companies:

  • 2Awesome Studio
  • 3D2 Entertainment
  • 8-Bit Studio
  • Anima Project
  • Baroque Decay
  • Barspin Studios
  • Beautiful Glitch
  • Beautifun Games
  • Cavalier Studios
  • Crema Games
  • Deconstructeam
  • Delirium Studios
  • Digital Sun
  • Dolores Entertainment
  • Drakhar Studio
  • Fictiorama
  • Gato Salvaje Studios
  • Grimorio of Games
  • Ivanovich Games
  • JanduSoft
  • Kaneda Games
  • Kinto Games
  • Kraken Empire
  • Lince Works
  • Locomalito
  • Lubiterum
  • Mad Gear Games
  • Mango Protocol
  • Milkstone Studios
  • Moonbite Studios
  • No Wand Studios
  • Pantumaca Barcelona
  • Pixel Cream
  • Super Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
  • Team Gothan
  • Teku Studios
  • Tequila Works
  • The Game Kitchen
  • U-play
  • Undercoders
  • Unepic Fran
  • Unfinished Pixel


  • Poker Size
  • 52 Cards + 2 Jokers
  • Custom Booklet


There are currently no trailers available for VGPC. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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VGPC Credits

Jose A. Andujar Clavell