The aliens are here to destroy it all! We need you, brave caveman, to save this prehistoric world. If you are good enough and you think this challenge is not stronger than you, go ahead! Or team up with up to 3 of your friends and enjoy this 4 player co-op madness as you work together to set your world free of the invaders as you advance and discover new striking places. Embark on the adventure of Caveman Warriors by choosing between Jack, Brienne, Moe and Liliana as each hero has different attacks and abilities that are the key to solve specific situations of this journey. Experiment with them all to advance through our beautifully crafted 2D levels and beat the crap out of these crazy enemies. Fight dangerous and unique bosses and prepare yourself for the unexpected gameplay twists that will require the best out of every caveman!


Our main inspiration for Caveman Warriors is the cult classic Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, but recent sagas such as New Super Mario Bros. and Trine are also big influences that you can instantly notice.


  • 1-4 Players cooperative game
  • 4 Different characters with unique habilites
  • Beautiful 2D world inspired by a mad prehistoric world
  • A satisfying gameplay for casual and hardcore gamers


Caveman Warriors Kickstarter Trailer YouTube

February 2016 Trailer YouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for Best Social Game on GameConnection Europe." Paris, 26 October, 2016

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About JanduSoft S.L.

Independent game studio based on Barcelona, member of PAD (Professional Associated Developers) and DEV (Desarrollo Espanol de videojuegos)
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Caveman Warriors Credits

Jose Antonio Andujar
Founder & Producer
Stephen Hausdorff
Art Director
Victor Amoros
Founder & Producer
Victor Madrid
Damian Sanchez
Music & SFX Composer, Sonotrigger